About Pink Collection

I am so excited for what's in store for future collections, and even more excited about the expansion of the line. As many of you know we plan to eventually have everything the modern day woman would want to find in her closet.

We have worked very long and hard on the finishing touches for this “Pink Collection” and the bags look amazing! I wanted this collection to be perfect and every last detail divine! The collection will be all things one would consider to travel with, a 3 piece overnight luggage set, an i-Pad case, an i-Phone case, a passport holder, a wallet, and of course the signature piece of the collection a Pink Satchel handbag.

Here is a picture and rendering of the Pink Satchel we created for the line. Many people have been wondering why I got naked with my purse; well everyone can stop with the rumors now because the truth is, it was to help bring awareness to a very important cause The BCCA (Breast Cancer Charities of America). Hey it got your attention didn’t it? I was honored they asked me to participate in this ad campaign. I was asked to bring something that I could hold or wear in the ad that had relevance or meaning to me. Thus the “Pink Collection” idea was born. “Pink” was the color of choice for obvious reasons and more importantly this was a way I could give back from the sales of my collection. Participating in charity has been instilled in me since I was a little girl so I was thrilled to be able to create a whole collection of pink pieces that would help benefit an amazing cause.

Well there you have it! That is what has been going on with the Gretchen Christine Collection and what’s in store. Please keep sending me your requests and ideas as I take them all into consideration and they help inspire every new collection I create! Thank you so much to all the loyal amazing customers and fans as I continue to expand and grow the Gretchen Christine Collection.

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